Dec 14, 2011

A new award!!Yeahhhh

yesterday Dena Tsal from her perfect blog style limelight gave us our second award! We are sooo happy about that!we would like to thank her and give this award to some others blogs that we think are worth it!

1. posh and fashion for her endless love for fashion
2. notebook of claire for her perfect beauty tips
3. mch training for his health tips
4. shoelazzo for sharing their passion for shoes with us
5. fashionlumiere for her gorgeous photos  and style
6. absolutely-fuzzy for having the greatest photos and the most perfect fashion atmosphere in her blog

                                           Keep it up our beloved bloggers!!!!!!!


  1. efharisto efharisto efharisto!!!
    tha to dimosiefso avrio:)))))

  2. Very nice blog. I'm now following through GFC and would be flattered if you would follow back.

  3. Thank you so much :) Sorry for the delay but today was a crazy day!It's really encouraging that blogs we like, like us back :)
    many kisses and see you soon

  4. Συγχαρητήρια για το βραβειάκι :) Μου αρέσει το blog σου και ειδικά τα όμορφα outfits σου!!
    Σ'ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ που το έδωσες και σε εμένα.. Χαίρομαι που σ'αρέσουν οι αναρτήσεις μου!

    Φιλάκια Πολλά